Steel Turntable

Steel Turntable

This steel turntable was designed to turn large vehicles, including articulated lorries, around at distribution collection/delivery points.

Movetech UK Ltd. provide a variety of movement solutions for many different applications, one of which is a steel turntable which rotates a full 44 ton articulated wagon. Under contract from Movetech UK, we have fabricated, assembled and installed the Movetech UK design at a number of locations throughout the UK.

Installation is made more difficult when they are retro-fitted to an existing, working site where access is often limited, there is no-where to lay down delivered parts and we are asked to work around the comings and goings of a live business. However, with a bit of good will, some open communication and some planning we can get around most problems.

In busy town centres where there is little space to turn around, without disruption to the general traffic, these steel turntables offer a great solution.

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