Meet The Team

In this day and age of digital relationships it’s easy to become a faceless organisation, recognised only as a brand or an email address. But The WA Cooke Group was established almost 100 years ago, when the only way to do business was face-to-face and we still understand the value of truly knowing who you’re dealing with.

Our people are more than just an email address or a voice over the phone and our group is more than just a brand. We’re a team. With this in mind we thought it was high time we introduced you to the people you’re dealing with day-to-day.

As the Managing Director, Simon is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the group.

When it comes to our divisions, Simon has a keen interest in ‘best-engineering’ practices so our Engineers division is where we’d associate him most.

As well as dealing with customers to cost and oversee large scale projects for the division, Simon also works closely with both the Manchester & Cambridgeshire shop floors to ensure production expectations, both on quality and delivery, are always met.

As well as managing the group production schedules, Billy’s primary focus is on our newest division, Watermark Projects.

Overseeing the production of our DAF range (our flagship product) and associated products, Billy works closely with our Project Managers and Production Team to ensure our products are always in development and evolving to meet both our clients and general industry needs.

Jeremy has managed our Site Services division since its inception in 1981. From developing the services we offer through to growing our team of skilled site engineers.

As well as dealing with the vast majority of our Site Services clients directly, from Site Engineers to Framework Directors, Jeremy also manages and oversees all of our large-scale installation projects.

As Sales Manager for the Group, Mark is responsible for new business acquisition and account management, dealing with both new and existing customers.

Mark works closely with our projects managers and production teams to ensure projects are delivered on time and to specification.

With over 30 years of experience within the industry, primarily working on DAF technology, Alistair works on both the design and development of the Watermark Projects divisions products as well as overseeing delivery of our projects.

Callum supports the team on all aspects of our Site Services division from equipment hire and engineers scheduling through to project documentation preparation (RAMS/Method Statements/Training Quals etc.) and submission.

From raw material acquisition to sub-contract services, Adam manages Group wide procurement.

Working closely with both our Suppliers and Production Managers to ensure projects run smoothly and are delivered on time.

Managing the team of installation & service engineers for the Watermark Projects division, Stuart works directly with our new and existing customers on new installation projects and both reactive and planned servicing and repairs.

Managing all financial aspects of the group from project invoicing through to accounting and forecasting.

Angela also oversees all of the administrative, HR and contract duties for each division of the Group.

Kira’s role for the Group is to oversee our financial activities and is responsible for the accounts of WA Cooke.

Steve & Andy manage the shop floors at our Manchester & Cambridgeshire sites. Overseeing all projects that come through the workshops from Engineers and Site Services, through to Watermarks Projects. This includes working closely with our project managers, productions teams and both customers and suppliers directly to ensure projects are delivered on time and to our usual high-quality standards.