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How Can Dissolved Air Flotation Technology Benefit You?

Environmentally beneficial Dissolved Air Flotation technology is a globally recognised method of wastewater treatment. Recognised as a highly effective method of COD (chemical oxygen demand), TSS (total suspended solids) & FOG (fats oils & greases)… Read more

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Refurbishment Of An Escalator Screen

BREAKDOWN One of our municipal clients reported issues they were having with an Escalator Screen.The screen acted as the first line of defence for their Water Treatment Plant, as a pre screen it was a… Read more

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The WA Cooke Group – Engineers

The WA Cooke Group have the in-house engineering facilities to provide high quality steel fabrication services, regardless of size or complexity. Our comprehensive engineering package consists of general fabrication, coded welding, machining, painting, assembly & testing. Coded… Read more

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