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stainless steel

Stainless Steel Bespoke Pipework

Working inline with Eric Wright Group Water, and United Utilities, W.A Cooke & Sons completed this bespoke fabrication and installation of a stainless steel pipe re-route.

Our operatives were employed to route water from a free standing tank through an inlet into a building. The pipework had to be supported at high level and was to maintain a standard safe distance from the undulating ground level. Accurate measurements were taken and the correct angles were calculated to ensure the stainless steel pipework was routed correctly.

Once fabricated to specification, the supports were installed and the pipework supported in position. Working under specific time pressures to conform to the water shut off availability, W.A Cooke & Sons staff performed professionally and efficiently to ensure a safe and effective installation.

vent covers

Bespoke design vent covers

Initially we were requested to replace 5 existing extraction vent covers with 5 new steel fabricated vent covers. These fittings had to be modified to exclude the upper exhaust portion but robust enough to protect the lower portion. W.A Cooke & Sons engineers fabricated a steel design comprising of deflecting protective strips at the top entry point to allow for free flowing air circulation and protection against the elements. The designs were fabricated and painted in our specialist workshop, and installed by our skilled installation engineers. The team of installation engineers were able to relay live information to the head office to enable onsite procurement of the now required top vent covers. The ability and professionalism of the WAC Group employees assured that this task was completed within three days of setting foot onsite; minimising operational disruption for the client.
Another task which demonstrates the diversity and capabilities within the WAC Group. The task involved full project management; site measure, design, procurement, fabrication and installation.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

The W.A Cooke & Sons group of companies now includes Watermark Projects, a division focused on the design, fabrication and installation of industrial wastewater treatment systems.

The Watermark Projects division has allowed our team of Waste Water Treatment Engineers to develop an extensive range of products and services including:-

  • Dissolved Air Flotation Systems
  • Rental Equipment
  • Trial Equipment
  • Chemical Storage & Dosing Equipment
  •  Dry Powder & Liquid Polymer Make Up Units
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Effluent Balancing Tanks & Pumping Control
  • Design & Fabrication
  • Chemical Treatment & Mixing Vessels

We have also developed our free site assessment service which allows you to benefit from an initial site survey from one of our highly qualified water process engineers to identify which treatment process will be the most efficient and cost effective for your waste water needs, giving you the ability to make an informed decision on how best to proceed.

For further information visit or contact our waste water treatment team-

01204 574 721



This particular project was a pair of Hydrobrake’s for a site in the north of England. Each weighed 14.5tonnes and they were approx 7m long and 4.5m diameter. The hydrobrake is a self-activating vortex flow control device that provides superior hydraulic performance over conventional flow regulators with patented features that reduce maintenance requirements. Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls harness the energy inherent in the flow field. A hydrobrake has no moving parts and has no external energy requirements. With clear openings up to 600% larger than conventional flow control devices, the risk of blockage is reduced to a minimum. In addition, the unique head/discharge characteristics with high flush and kick-back flow points, reduce storage volume requirements, lowering project costs.

Advantages * No moving parts. * No power requirements. * Self-activating and self-cleansing. * Reduces first flush impact on CSO screens. * Reduces upstream storage volume requirements. * Highest performing passive flow control available. * Full access for rodding and jetting. * Simple installation.

The hydrobrake design is simple, consisting of an intake, a volute and an outlet. Flow is directed tangentially into the volute to form a vortex. High peripheral velocities induce an air-filled core with resulting back pressure that reduces the discharge.

Head/discharge curves are available for each model and size. Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls have been independently tested and verified by a number of leading academic institutions. For more information visit

Vigan Horizontal and Vertical Feeders for Simporter Bulk Ship Unloaders

W.A Cooke & Sons have manufactured both models of Simporter feeders for Vigan Engineering. The first was a Vertical Feeder for Vietnam. We fabricated all the component parts in mild steel, Hardox 400 and stainless steels, including the gearbox, conveying screws, etc, machined them, painted them, assembled them and factory tested the complete assembly. We have also made Horizontal Feeders for Ports in Pakistan and Korea. The Feeder for Pakistan was manufactured mostly in S355 (50D) to withstand the occasional low temperatures.

For further information on Simporter bulk ship unloaders go to

Customer Comments

“VIGAN Engineering have been working with W A Cooke of Worsley for a number of years and during this time we have found them to be proactive and conscientious in their approach to undertaking fabrication and assembly work to our most exacting standards. The nature of the equipment entrusted to them is at the heart of our ship unloader and requires significant attention to detail. The engineers at W A Cooke have been able to assist VIGAN in our designs by suggesting alternative manufacturing methods and techniques resulting in both financial savings and technical improvements.”

Mike Potts C.Eng., F.I.MechE;, MIQ, Senior Project Director at Vigan

grit king separator

4.7m Diameter Grit King Separator

This 4.7m diameter Grit King Separator is an example of the steel fabrication capabilities of W.A. Cooke & Sons Ltd. Standing at 6m tall, its manufacture presented few difficulties, however it would only fit through our door with millimetres spare. It was transferred through the door using a pendant control crane inside our building and a mobile crane in the street. The mobile crane then lifted it on to a low-loader, which was needed for transportation to its final destination.

The Grit King Separator is a hydrodynamic vortex separator which removes grit and sand from wastewater and other liquids. For more information please contact

Customer Comments

“The 4.7m diameter vessel supplied in this contract is one of the largest that we provide. Despite the size and difficult site installation conditions W.A. Cooke & Sons fabricated it to a high standard and installed within the agreed timescales. ”

Adrian Hughes, Project engineer at Hydro International

steel turntable

15m Steel Turntable

This steel turntable was designed to turn large vehicles, including articulated lorries, around at distribution collection/delivery points.

Movetech UK Ltd. provide a variety of movement solutions for many different applications, one of which is a steel turntable which rotates a full 44 ton articulated wagon. Under contract from Movetech UK, we have fabricated, assembled and installed the Movetech UK design at a number of locations throughout the UK.

Installation is made more difficult when they are retro-fitted to an existing, working site where access is often limited, there is no-where to lay down delivered parts and we are asked to work around the comings and goings of a live business. However, with a bit of good will, some open communication and some planning we can get around most problems.

In busy town centres where there is little space to turn around, without disruption to the general traffic, these steel turntables offer a great solution.

For more information on turntables try

Rectangular Primary Settlement Tank Scraper refurbishment

W.A Cooke & Sons successfully refurbished five Rectangular Primary Settlement Tank Scrapers for a waste water site within United Utilities, working for Eric Wright Civil Eng. This contract involved retro-fitting new pegged rails, concrete support brackets, complete new bridges, each with central drive motor and rod operated scrapers and scum blades, electrical supply was via a catenary system. The design function on this contract was performed by Add-tech.

Some of the interesting challenges that this contract presented were as follows:

1) The new rail had to be installed such that, at the close of each day, the existing bridges could continue to function.

2) Tanks 4 and 5 had quite thin cantilever concrete to support the rails. At our clients request, we fitted a support bracket under every rail fixing.

3) The brackets mentioned above were close to the water level, which prevented the scum blade from passing should they be lifted. The scum blade was thus designed to return under the water.

4) As a late extra, we were asked to provide the posts at each end of the tanks to take the strain of the catenary lines, which was approximately 20KN at 3.5m above the tank level. The concrete that we had to fix these to was odd shaped and ran at strange angles, so each of the ten posts was bespoke made for each position.

5) The order was placed in April and the end date was to finish before Christmas. Quite a tight schedule to include structural and mechanical calculations, design, detail drawings, fabrication, machining, galvanizing, painting, workshop assembly, site installation, commissioning and provision of O and M manuals, bearing in mind that only one tank could be taken out of action at any one time. But for the late December weather it would have been completed to schedule. The last tank, filling with water, prevented us completing the underwater structure. Nevertheless it was finished very early in the new year and within budget.

2.6m Diameter Bellows Units

W.A Cooke & Sons manufactured ten sets of 2.6m diameter bellows to be used as a exhaust ducts for a power station in South Wales. Each set comprised of two double pivot (gimbal) type and one single pivot type.

Pickup Bellows Ltd supplied the thin (three laminations of 1mm thick) stainless steel membranes, which were welded into 10mm thick mild steel cylinders.

Because the membrane was so fragile, W.A Cooke & Sons also supplied a series of bracket pairs, between which we bolted short beams to act as sprags during transportation and installation. There were also inner and outer protection sleeves and flanges.

This contract entailed coded welding, x-ray and radiography testing, dye penetrant inspection and an interzincintercure and interthane surface finish.