4.7m Diameter Grit King Separator

This 4.7m diameter Grit King Separator is an example of the steel fabrication capabilities of W.A. Cooke & Sons Ltd. Standing at 6m tall, its manufacture presented few difficulties, however it would only fit through our door with millimetres spare. It was transferred through the door using a pendant control crane inside our building and a mobile crane in the street. The mobile crane then lifted it on to a low-loader, which was needed for transportation to its final destination.

The Grit King Separator is a hydrodynamic vortex separator which removes grit and sand from wastewater and other liquids. For more information please contact www.hydro-international.biz

Customer Comments

“The 4.7m diameter vessel supplied in this contract is one of the largest that we provide. Despite the size and difficult site installation conditions W.A. Cooke & Sons fabricated it to a high standard and installed within the agreed timescales. ”

Adrian Hughes, Project engineer at Hydro International