This particular project was a pair of Hydrobrake’s for a site in the north of England. Each weighed 14.5tonnes and they were approx 7m long and 4.5m diameter. The hydrobrake is a self-activating vortex flow control device that provides superior hydraulic performance over conventional flow regulators with patented features that reduce maintenance requirements. Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls harness the energy inherent in the flow field. A hydrobrake has no moving parts and has no external energy requirements. With clear openings up to 600% larger than conventional flow control devices, the risk of blockage is reduced to a minimum. In addition, the unique head/discharge characteristics with high flush and kick-back flow points, reduce storage volume requirements, lowering project costs.

Advantages * No moving parts. * No power requirements. * Self-activating and self-cleansing. * Reduces first flush impact on CSO screens. * Reduces upstream storage volume requirements. * Highest performing passive flow control available. * Full access for rodding and jetting. * Simple installation.

The hydrobrake design is simple, consisting of an intake, a volute and an outlet. Flow is directed tangentially into the volute to form a vortex. High peripheral velocities induce an air-filled core with resulting back pressure that reduces the discharge.

Head/discharge curves are available for each model and size. Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls have been independently tested and verified by a number of leading academic institutions. For more information visit www.hydro-international.biz