Case Study – Chain Conveyor Refurbishment

Case Study – Chain Conveyor Refurbishment

Our Site Services team received an emergency call regarding a lorry loading chain conveyor that had failed and required emergency repair. Initial fault slipped drive chain and sprocket.

After arriving on site and inspecting the conveyor, we discovered the following issues:

  • Drive side bearing had collapsed
  • Shaft was running on the frame causing severe distortion to bearing plate and damage to shaft
  • Shaft was damaged to an alarming degree
  • Drive chain stretched and drive sprocket worn
  • Idle side bearing worn but safe
  • Conveyor chain worn and retaining pins extremely worn
  • Clam shell drums severely worn

The conveyor chain is a critical piece of equipment and if not fixed quickly, would disrupt the site process.

The immediate problem was identified at the top end of the chain conveyor where, due to prolonged use, the mechanical components had become old and worn, having a knock-on effect of the whole unit.

First made safe the unit, ensuring safe access possible. With the unit in a safe condition the guards were removed and the conveyor chain and sprocket drum were split to give us access in to the top shaft.

The shaft itself was beyond repair. Prolonged use had worn the shaft from 125mm to 40mm by the APPROX 600kg weight it supports.

With the conveyor decommissioned over a weekend, WA Cooke Group operatives called on our supply partners Redfern Energy to procured and machined a fresh billet of EN24T steel.

Within 48 hours the top shaft and drive assembly had been refitted ready for a replacement drive sprocket and chain supplied by The WA Cooke Group.

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