Settlement Tank Repair

Settlement Tank Repair

Pictured below is a refurbishment job currently being completed in Wigan.

The settlement tank (pictured below) required several refurbishments, replacements and repairs.

The leg supports, leg brackets and crosshatch were no longer able to support the bridge due to corrosion. Bearings and fixings were worn and damaged resulting in jeopardised movement for the bridge.

Additionally, the bridge scraper blades could not effectively scrape away sediment due to further corrosion which created disruption on site.

To get the settlement tank back in working order, new legs, leg brackets, a new drive wheel with accompanying bearings and a crosshatch are being installed.

9 new scraper blades with rubber and strips are also being installed as well as 5 new scraper brackets.

To top off the refurbishment, the bridge supports and support angles will be re-welded and a new layer of paint applied to the bridge.

This project is still ongoing, however our Site Services team is on track for a successful project delivery.

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