Lamellas Installation – Windsor

Lamellas Installation – Windsor

A short while ago our Site Services division completed a 14 week job completed for one of our clients in Windsor. The job was oriented around the installation of numerous lamellas however, also included the fabrication of accompanying parts.

The first stage was dedicated to fabricating, delivering and installing support beams for the Lamellas to sit upon. This encompassed not only support beams, but accompanying beam joints, supporting legs and wall mounted support brackets.

Stage 2 required the on site fabrication of 2 longitudinal bottom scrapers for each tank utilising over 15,000 bolts.

Once completed, stage 3 began with the assembly of multiple Lamellas to sit on top of our scrapers. These scrapers were fabricated from 304 stainless steel and required a heavy lifting 55 ton crane to install.

All in all, this job took just under 2,400 man hours but showcased some of The WA Cooke Group – Site Services best work to date.

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