WAC Company Party 2019

On Friday 29th June, W.A Cooke & Sons held our annual company party.

Building on from last year we had a fantastic turnout with over 32 staff members joining us for the day. This included our Engineering, Site Services and Watermark Projects divisions from both our Manchester and Cambridgeshire sites.

Once again, Crown Green Bowling was the sport of choice. With teams picked, we took to the green.

In keeping with the ongoing World Cup, the early group stage offered some of the toughest games with there being no clear favourite throughout. So close was it in fact that 3 teams were eliminated on goal difference alone (with a 10-0 defeat proving key to one particular team Image result for gritted teeth emoji).

The quarter finals however left the victors of the group stage with little time to celebrate and quickly saw a further 4 teams knocked out of the running.

Following a well earned break for a nutritional boost of Pizza & Chips the remaining athletes made their way back to the green to determine the finalists. While all 4 teams proved that they deserved to have made it as far as they did, only two teams could make it to the final and an epic semi final saw the wheat separated from the chaff and the finalists decided.

FINALISTS – Michelle Knowles & Mark Exley VS Gav Herrington & Aaron Harris

With a hushed crowd the two teams took to the green.

With a whole year of being able to lord victory over the rest of the competitors at stake a cautious start was expected by all however, one team made the bold decision to break for victory straight out of the gate. Team Knowles & Exley played to their strength….that being Michelle’s ability to win all the points and carry her team to a clear and, frankly brutal, victory over team Herrington & Harris with a final score of 8-2.

Thanks to everyone for coming and making it a fantastic day!

Until next year sports fans…