Handrail Mesh Company Enjoys Steady Growth in First Twelve Months

Our company dedicated to the supply of handrail mesh ‘Handrail-Mesh Ltd.’ has enjoyed steady growth throughout its first twelve months.

W. A. Cooke & Sons Ltd. are regularly asked to supply and install man access staircase and platform handrails fitted with mesh infill panels, as additional security when working at height or over water. Seemingly an unimportant part of a bigger contract, mesh infill panels can mount to quite an expense, because they are bespoke made for every application.

Over the years we have become good at solving this problem, which no other company specialises, so we launched a new company dedicated to just handrail mesh. We have found that there are many other industries that require handrail mesh, in addition to the water treatment market.

Because mesh infill panels is all we do, Handrail-Mesh Ltd. are usually much cheaper than other companies, that provide this product as additional to their core business.