Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

Watermark Projects is the division for the Industrial Wastewater Treatment projects within the W.A Cooke & Sons group of companies.

Dissolved Air Flotation systems (also known as DAF systems) are used to produce high quality waste water resulting in huge reductions in the cost to discharge. Due to the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of the DAF system, it’s application covers a wide range of industries.

Our  DAF systems are specifically designed for the efficient removal of suspended solids, fats oils and greases from process or wastewater streams. Discharges of extremely high clarity will be generated offering massive cost savings and trouble free discharges to sewer or watercourse.

All our DAF systems are designed and manufactured, in house, to the highest standards (ISO 9001) giving our customers peace of mind knowing their project is completely in Watermarks control from design straight through to final commissioning.

How does the DAF process work?

The DAF system provides the energy for effective flotation in the form of extremely fine air bubbles, also known as ‘White Water’, These minute air bubbles readily attach themselves to the suspended material within the waste stream. This attachment of bubbles to the particle reduces the density of the particle resulting in increased buoyancy. All the solids present within the DAF cell float to the surface forming a solid scum which can then easily be removed by a simple but effective scraper mechanism.

Our DAF systems are also available on rental and lease agreements, click here for further information.