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With skilled multi-skilled fitters at both our Manchester and Cambridgeshire sites, W.A Cooke & Sons have a wealth of experience of assembling in-house fabricated machinery as well as bought in machinery and equipment on to skid mounts and platforms.

This diversity allows our customers to entrust complete projects as well as reducing on-site installation costs.

If you would like to discuss our assembly and fitting services, contact our team to discuss your requirements.


Steel Fabrication

Between our 17,500sqFt and 22,000sqFt production factories in Manchester and Cambridge W.A Cooke & Sons have the in-house steel fabrication facilities to machine and assemble bespoke engineering products for a range of different industries.

The steel fabrication projects we undertake can range from skid mounts, complex pipework, access steel and structural framework through to intricate machinery such as water treatment systems, chemical mixing units, conveyor systems and bulk handling equipment.



Our experienced team includes highly skilled fabricators, coded welders and expert machine shop operatives.

We are quality assured to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 as well as being CE accredited.

The addition of our design and installation service means that our customers can entrust complete projects to the W.A Cooke & Sons group removing the need to work with a string of suppliers and safe in the knowledge that all aspects of the job will be handled to the highest standard.

Our Case Studies will provide an overview of some of the previous projects we have undertaken.

Structural Steelwork

As of 01/07/2014 the CE accreditation became mandatory for the fabrication of all structural steelwork. As this is such a large part of the steel fabrication industry (applying to framework, access steel etc.) W.A Cooke & Sons achieved CE accreditation to execution class 2 at the earliest possible date. This ensured there was no impact to our customers on projects requiring such fabrications and allowed us to continue producing the high quality they have come to expect.

While the list of structural steelwork fabrications we have undertaken over years would take far too long to list, the more common include:

  • Access steelwork (ladders, walkways, stairways etc.)
  • Framework
  • Support Steel