Watermark Projects

“We have been very impressed at your team’s ability and the quality of their engineering skills. You have a good team of engineers, hard-working and the teamwork we saw was 2nd to none. These are major plant works, and they just work together and get the job completed and learn from things they have seen and create solutions.”

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In 2011 The WA Cooke Group introduced the Watermark Projects division.

This division allowed our team of Wastewater Treatment Engineers to focus their efforts on providing a complete package for our industrial clients on an individual basis and with the support of the rest of the group, all of our Wastewater Treatment Systems are designed and Manufactured In-house with our Site Services division also allowing us to offer Installation as well as an unrivaled maintenance and servicing package.

As the Watermark Projects supplies our own brand of Treatment Systems to the industry, the division maintains its own website showcasing the full range of products on offer.

Design, Manufacture, Installation & Ongoing Servicing of complete Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) units for the industrial sector. Ideal treatment systems for COD, TSS & FOG removal.
Self cleaning pre-screens for the removal of gross solids from effluent streams. Manufactured in T304 Stainless Steel, both high level (situated on a platform or tank) and low level systems are available.
From simple dosing units for pH Correction through to multi-stage dosing for coagulant and flocculation. Tailored packages can be offered with independent control systems of integration into existing systems.
Our rental fleet includes all of our skid mounted Dissolved Air Flotation units as well as our range of Pre-Screening Systems for both short term and long term rentals.
Portable Dissolved Air Flotation units for on-site trials to determine treatability of our customers wastewater as well as providing first hand experience of the DAF process.
This service includes a site visit and sampling analysis of the wastewater to determine treatability as well as to identify any potential cost savings that may be achievable with on site wastewater treatment.

Showcased below is a small scale sample process for how Watermarks Projects can clarify your wastewater. Our clarification process can be beneficial for long term cost reduction and overall water sustainability.

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