Watermark Projects

In 2011 The WA Cooke Group introduced the Watermark Projects division.

This division allowed our team of wastewater treatment engineers to focus their efforts on providing a complete package for our industrial clients on an individual basis and with the support of the rest of the group, all of our wastewater treatment systems are designed and manufactured in-house with our Site Services division also allowing us to offer installation as well as an unrivaled maintenance and servicing package.

As the Watermark Projects supplies our own brand of treatment systems to the industry, the division maintains its own website showcasing the full range of products on offer. Visit the website for further information>>>

Our services & products include:

  • DAF Systems ranging from 1m3 to 200m3 per hour
  • Bespoke DAF Design and Build
  • Trial/Pilot Systems
  • Rental Equipment (including our DAF range)
  • Pre-Screening Systems
  • Polymer Make-up Units
  • Chemical Treatment & Dosing
  • Sludge De-Watering
  • Free initial site assessments

Visit the website for further information>>>

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