wastewater treatment

Industrial Wastewater

Having operated within the Municipal Wastewater industry for many years we decided to apply our knowledge to the Industrial market, employing specialist water treatment engineers to develop a range of treatment systems to improve the quality of discharged wastewater/effluent which can save company’s thousands of pounds a year!

In 2011 a new division of the W.A Cooke & Sons group was introduced to allow our team of wastewater treatment engineers to focus their efforts on providing a complete package for our industrial clients on an individual basis. To this end all our customers now have the peace of mind that from start to finish everything associated with their project will be handled professionally within the W.A.Cooke group of companies.

From initial design, fabrication, site installation to final commissioning we see the whole project through.

Our services & products now include:

  • Dissolved Air Flotation Systems
  • Trial/Pilot Systems
  • Rental Units
  • Pre-Screening Systems
  • Polymer Make-up Units
  • Free initial site assessments

For further information visit the Watermark Projects website.